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Cross Geuinea Association

Forum based on one year after ultimate battle with Cross Hunter. CSA Reborn.

free, forum, cross, geuinea, association

Kuroshituji Indonesian Roleplay Forum

A Roleplay based on Kuroshitsuji Anime. Come here if you are Indonesian, or can understand and speak Indoensian~

indonesian, kuroshitsuji, forum, roleplay, free

The School - Happy Days

A Role Play Forum based on The Reality School. The School - Happy Days

free, forum, school, happy, days


A RPG Forum based on alchemistry , for the one who can use alchesta's techniques all around the world.

alchemist, fullmetal

CLAMP Academy

RPG about You, Me, and CLAMP

clamp, academy, about

The Area of Obscurum

An RPG forum that based from original idea.

area, obscurum, forum, that, based, from, original, idea

Free forum : Ouran's School

Free forum : The RPG Forum with based on manga and anime created by Bisco Hatori

free, ouran's, school

+[Organization Thirteen]+

CLAMP School RolePlaying and Animanga Community Center

clamp, school, roleplaying, animanga, community, center

CLAMP Factory

RPG forum based from CLAMP

clamp, factory, based, from

CLAMP Forever

Indonesian CLAMP fansite!. CLAMP Forever. clamp anime manga code geass sakura cardcaptor tsubasa reservoir chronicle x subaru syaoran lelouch kobato kamui fuuma yukito touya suzaku,

clamp, anime, manga, code, geass, sakura, cardcaptor, tsubasa, reservoir, chronicle, subaru, syaoran, lelouch, kobato, kamui, fuuma, yukito, touya, suzaku, tomoyo, kurogane, ashura

Air Gear Indonesia

The RPG based of Famous Anime Air Gear. Air Gear Indonesia

free, forum, gear, indonesia

Academia di Association Mafioso

Mafia akademik based on anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

academia, association, mafioso, mafia, akademik, based, anime, katekyo, hitman, reborn!

CLAMP Palace

A CLAMP-based RPG Forum.

clamp, palace, #clamp-based, forum

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